China’s position on Paracel Islands forwarded to UN

Wang Min, China’s deputy permanent representative to the United Nations, sent a position paper to United Nation’s Sec. Gen. Ban Ki-moon regarding the alledged Vietnamese provocations in Paracel Islands (Xisha). China also included in the note government of Vietnam’s recognition of China’s sovereignty in Paracel Islands. “China sent the note to tell the international community […]

Chinese destroyer spotted in Panatag shoal (Scarborough)

USS Blue Ridge (LCC-19), the command ship of US Navy 7th Fleet, had spotted two Chinese warships. In a statement the USS Blue Ridge is in the vicinity for “routine presence in international waters, with the goal of providing security and stability for all maritime nations.” They are coducting flight operations drill when they saw […]

China: a certain country is spoiling friendship between China and ASEAN

The 24th ASEAN Summit, under Myanmar’s Chairmanship with theme “Moving forward in Unity to a Peaceful and Prosperous Community”, release a press statement, Monday, saying, “We reiterated our commitment to a rules-based community which would guarantee peace, security and stability throughout the region.” ASEAN also said, “We reaffirmed our pledge to strengthen democracy, enhance good […]

PH counters Chinese spy in AFP

As reported in an’s exclusive, a department in Armed Forces of the Philippines managing territorial dispute in the West Philippine Sea, modern communication devices are not allowed and internet connection is not available. These are all for the reason of countering any Chinese attempt to intercept military secrets especially when it has to do […]